˹жDallas KeuchelΪ¸߲ȡһĹؼƲӻľ飬˹˹һ¶档¸߶ӵһתNLDSĵ1Dzȥڵ45еڶDz˹ټ󼸴νһERAĴγ4.43 ERA

ܷӵĶԾгȻ˹лMax ScherzerӵļƽٶȱֶץסһЩ󣬵ȷʵʹʢڹȥн뼾ݡ2014ʢڼƽÿ3.8Σǵ1573λ١ӵͶԱȶݻ㹻ֿ֧ʹбеֻ

ܿˡ٣Jack FlahertySP – λ23Righty2019MLBõͶ֡°볡٣Flaherty99 1/3ȡ0.91 ERA0.71 WHIPĿʼһܻܿĵ2ҪôлὫȸͻʥ·˹1-1ıȷֻ2-0ȡ

ӵĿղɭKenley JansenӣDodgersڽֹ֮ǰվأPatϣûгȥгһĽ룬һԽ벢ӹղɭJansenˡɼCloserڽְҵռ3.71ʱͬʱְֻҵߵİ˴˾ȡױΪһ쳣ϣڼп˷ڹȥУһЩصļڹȥУеľų4αݴ3.55 ERAղɭڳٴͨıչʾǿںھлõľ롣ػϵж仯

Braves over the Cardinals in five games The Braves have an odd advantage in this one: the Cardinals haven’t faced Keuchel or Max Fried yet this season. The one pitcher they will definitely face in the playoffs is Mike Soroka and he dominated them to a tune of a 0.69 ERA in 13 innings (two starts) this season. But the Cardinals have had success with their pitching as well, so this will come down to the two lineups. The Braves’ lineup is better. They tasted the postseason last year and their young hitters have more experience under their belt. That will be the difference.

Nationals over the Dodgers in five games We admit it, this is bold, but we just like the Nationals’ starting rotation too much to think it will lose with the way it’s set up. The Dodgers have to face Patrick Corbin in Game 1. He shut out Los Angeles over seven innings in his lone start against them this season and Los Angeles showed massive vulnerability in matchups against lefties in the playoffs all of last year. Now, it addressed that by playing Cody Bellinger every day matchups be damned but this year the Dodgers were not as good against lefties as they were righties. But beyond that the Dodgers will have to face Stephen Strasburg in Game 2 and he is an absolute beast in the postseason. Los Angeles could easily be down 2-0 going back to Washington. But as we said above, the Nationals still have to hit in this series. That is the X-factor. So if they don’t then the Dodgers will obviously win. But it is undeniable how well the Nationals’ pitching sets up for the NLDS against the Dodgers.